Code Enforcement

Kemah seeks to provide its citizens and visitors with a beautiful, safe environment by ensuring compliance with state law, municipal ordinances, and building codes.
  1. Code Enforcement Process
  2. Applicable Codes
  3. Report a Violation

Enforcement of Municipal Ordinances, Building Codes, and the adopted International Property Codes is provided through the Code Enforcement Process.

  1. The Code Enforcement Process can be triggered by either a complaint from a citizen (Citizen Request Tracker) or generated by staff in the field.
  2. Each complaint is investigated to evaluate whether a code or ordinance violation has occurred.  if no violation has occurred, the complainant is notified and the processes ceases.
  3. Code Enforcement documents the violation including history, relevant ordinances, descriptions and photographs.
  4. Code Enforcement then contacts the Property Owner.
    1. Verbal contact is attempted first, explaining the violation and what must be done to comply.
    2. If no contact is made, or if the owner does not comply, a First Warning letter is sent to the Property Owner giving 10 days to comply.
    3. If after 10 days, the owner has still not complied, a Second Warning letter is sent giving an additional 10 days to comply.
    4. If after that 10 days, the owner has still not complied, a Third Warning letter is sent via Certified Mail giving a final 10 days to comply.
  5. If the Property Owner has not complied, the City has the option to issue a citation and set a hearing before the Municipal Court Judge concerning the violation.
  6. Failure to comply following the hearing with the Municipal Judge will result in a lien being filed on the property and subsequent court action against the property owner.